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 Reading Functions, NaturalDocs::BinaryFile
 RebuildAllIndexes, NaturalDocs::SymbolTable
 rebuildData, NaturalDocs::Settings
 RebuildData, NaturalDocs::Settings
 rebuildEverything, NaturalDocs::Project
 RebuildEverything, NaturalDocs::Project
 RebuildFile, NaturalDocs::Project
 RebuildFilesFor, NaturalDocs::ClassHierarchy
 rebuildIndexes, NaturalDocs::SymbolTable
 Reference Storage
 ReferenceCount, NaturalDocs::Project::ImageFile
 references, NaturalDocs::SymbolTable
 ReferencesAndScores, NaturalDocs::SymbolTable::Symbol
 RegisterExtension, NaturalDocs::SourceDB
 relativeImageDirectories, NaturalDocs::Settings
 RelativeImageDirectories, NaturalDocs::Settings
 RelativeIndexFileOf, NaturalDocs::Builder::HTMLBase
 Removed Directories, NaturalDocs::Settings
 RemoveDeadFiles, NaturalDocs::Menu
 RemoveDeadGroups, NaturalDocs::Menu
 removedImageDirectories, NaturalDocs::Settings
 removedImageDirectoryNames, NaturalDocs::Settings
 removedInputDirectories, NaturalDocs::Settings
 removedInputDirectoryNames, NaturalDocs::Settings
 RemoveEmptyTree, NaturalDocs::File
 RemoveIfDead, NaturalDocs::Menu
 RemoveLineExtender, NaturalDocs::Languages::Simple
 RemoveRemainingHeaderlessTopics, NaturalDocs::Parser
 Repairing Packages
 RepairPackages, NaturalDocs::Parser
 reparseEverything, NaturalDocs::Project
 ReparseEverything, NaturalDocs::Project
 Required Interface Functions, NaturalDocs::Builder::Base
 requiredTypeNames, NaturalDocs::Topics
 ResetToolTips, NaturalDocs::Builder::HTMLBase
 ResolveFile, NaturalDocs::Menu
 ResolveInputDirectories, NaturalDocs::Menu
 ResolveRelativeInputDirectories, NaturalDocs::Menu
 Resolving Flags
 ResortGroups, NaturalDocs::Menu
 resultsPath, SearchPanel
 RichFormatTextBlock, NaturalDocs::Parser::Native
 Run, NaturalDocs::Builder
sub RebuildAllIndexes
When called, it makes sure all indexes are listed as changed by IndexChanged(), regardless of whether they actually did or not.
my $rebuildData
WHether most data files should be ignored and rebuilt.
sub RebuildData
Returns whether all data files should be ignored and rebuilt.
my $rebuildEverything
Whether all the source files need to be rebuilt.
sub RebuildEverything
Adds all supported files to the list of files to build.
sub RebuildFile #(file)
Adds the file to the list of files to build.
sub RebuildFilesFor #(class,
Calls NaturalDocs::Project->RebuildFile() for every file defining the passed class, its parents, and/or its children.
my $rebuildIndexes
Whether all indexes should be rebuilt regardless of whether they have been changed.
References are indexed primarily by their ReferenceString, which is actually an elaborate data structure packed into a string.
A class reference handled by NaturalDocs::ClassHierarchy.
A parent class reference handled by NaturalDocs::ClassHierarchy.
The number of references to the image from the source files.
The reference appears in the text of the documentation.
Returns the current number of references to this image file during this Natural Docs execution.
my %references
A hash of all references in the project.
sub References #(type,
resolvingFlags) or (referenceString, file)
Returns what the passed reference information resolve to, if anything.
sub References
Returns an array of all the ReferenceStrings defined in this file.
sub References
Returns an array of all the reference strings that can be interpreted as this symbol.
An existence hashref of the ReferenceStrings in the file.
sub ReferencesAndScores
Returns a hash of all the references that can be interpreted as this symbol and their scores.
All the information about a reference that makes it unique encoded into a string.
A package to manage ReferenceString handling throughout the program.
The type of a reference.
sub Register
Registers the package with NaturalDocs::SourceDB.
sub Register
Override this function to register the package with NaturalDocs::SourceDB->RegisterExtension().
sub RegisterExtension #(package extension,
bool usesDefinitionObjects) => ExtensionID
Registers a NaturalDocs::SourceDB::Extension-derived package and returns a unique ExtensionID for it.
my @relativeImageDirectories
An array of the relative paths for images.
sub RelativeImageDirectories
Returns an arrayref of relative image directories.
sub RelativeIndexFileOf #(type,
Returns the output file name of the index file, relative to other index files.
Directories that were part of the previous run but aren’t anymore are still stored in the package.
sub RemoveDeadFiles
Removes files from the menu that no longer exist or no longer have Natural Docs content.
sub RemoveDeadGroups
Removes groups with less than two entries.
my @removedImageDirectories
An array of image directories that were once in the command line but are no longer.
my @removedImageDirectoryNames
An array of the removed image directories’ names.
my @removedInputDirectories
An array of input directories that were once in the command line but are no longer.
my @removedInputDirectoryNames
An array of the removed input directories’ names.
sub RemoveEmptyTree #(path,
Removes an empty directory tree.
sub RemoveIfDead #(groupEntry,
Checks a group and all its sub-groups for life and remove any that are dead.
sub RemoveLineExtender #(line)
If the passed line has a line extender, returns it without the extender or the line break that follows.
sub RemoveRemainingHeaderlessTopics
After MergeAutoTopics() is done, this function removes any remaining headerless topics from the file.
If the file we parsed had full language support, the NaturalDocs::Languages::Advanced parser would have done more than just generate various OnComment() calls.
sub RepairPackages #(autoTopics,
Recalculates the packages for all comment topics using the auto-topics and the scope record.
my $reparseEverything
Whether all the source files need to be reparsed.
sub ReparseEverything
Adds all supported files to the list of files to parse.
All Builder classes must define these functions.
my @requiredTypeNames
An array of the TopicType names which are required to be defined in the main file.
sub ResetToolTips #(samePage)
Resets the ToolTip Package Variables for a new page.
The reference text is always absolute.
The reference text may not be interpreted as a plural, and thus match singular forms as well.
The reference text may not include “using” statements when being resolved.
The reference text is truly relative, rather than Natural Docs’ semi-relative.
sub ResolveFile #(relativePath,
Tests a relative path against a list of directories.
sub ResolveInputDirectories #(inputDirectoryNames)
Detects if the input directories in the menu file match those in the command line, and if not, tries to resolve them.
sub ResolveRelativeInputDirectories
Resolves relative input directories to the input directories available.
Used to influence the method of resolving references in NaturalDocs::SymbolTable.
sub ResortGroups #(forceAll)
Resorts all groups that have MENU_GROUP_UPDATEORDER set.
sub RestoreAmpChars #(text)
Restores all amp characters to their original state.
sub RestoreAmpChars #(string text) => string
Replaces entity characters in the string with their original characters and returns it.
sub RestoreAmpChars #(text)
Replaces NDMarkup amp chars with their original symbols.
The relative path from the current HTML page to the results page directory.
How the page structure has changed throughout the various releases.
sub RichFormatTextBlock #(text)
Applies rich NDMarkup formatting to a chunk of text.
sub Run
Runs the build process.