Powerful HTML
Find What You Need

Natural Docs makes it easy to find your way through your source code.  The generated documentation uses a three panel design.  On the left you can browse your project organized by class or source file, and it's a dynamic menu so it's super fast.  There's no page reloads as you click through it.

In the middle is a summary of the class or file you clicked on, letting you jump to the exact function or variable you need.  It's even color-coded to help you find your place faster.

Not only that, there's a search box in the upper right corner.  Just type what you need and it will appear, with classes appearing in bold and other elements color-coded the same way they are in the middle panel.

Go In Depth

In the right panel you'll see the code element you selected.  It starts with the prototype, showing you the parameters and return values for functions, or the types for variables and constants.  Most of them are clickable links.  Want to know what a Topic is or know more about GetTopicsFlags?  Just click on them.

Below that you have the description you wrote in the comments.  If you included a description of each parameter of a function you'll see their types appear below them in the HTML as well.  This is completely automatic.

For classes, the prototypes will include both their parents and their immediate children, which are also clickable links.

Not only that, you can hover over any link to get a pop-up summary.  Whether it's in the middle panel, a prototype, or the description of a function, hovering over it will show you the target's prototype and the first paragraph of its description without going to it.

Use It Wherever

You can put the generated documentation wherever you want and it will work.  Want to put it on a web site?  Just upload the folder.  Want to keep a private copy to reference as you work?  Just open it from the hard drive.  Want to give it to someone else?  Just put it on a network share or zip up the folder and send it.  It will just work.

None of the features of the generated documentation require any software to be installed, including search.  It's all straight HTML and JavaScript.  There's nothing to configure on your web server, and other people don't need to have Natural Docs installed on their computers.

Make It Your Own

Natural Docs' output can be configured with custom CSS and images to make the look truly your own.  The CSS structure is documented and you can make custom styles to use in your project.

See For Yourself

If you want to explore an example of Natural Docs' output on your own, you can look through this documentation which was generated from Natural Docs' own source code.