Natural Docs 1.14 released
November 1st, 2003

I wanted to get 1.2 out for the next release, but since that's taking too long, here's another release with all the bugfixes and minor updates that have been made since 1.13.

First, there is PHP support.  It wasn't added before because Natural Docs couldn't handle escapement.  It still can't, but enough people wanted it and HTML should rarely look like PHP comments with valid Natural Docs topics in them.

Perl and PHP users can now use symbols in their topic titles and they will be sorted correctly in the index.  Documenting $foo and $bar with the dollar signs included in the topic title was always supported, but now they will appear in the index under F and B instead of with the symbols.

Natural Docs' data files are being moved around.  Things like the NaturalDocs.sym are being moved into a data subdirectory of the project directory, and NaturalDocs_Menu.txt is being renamed to just Menu.txt.  These changes will be done automatically when you run Natural Docs, you just need to be aware of the menu name change for when you go to edit it.  This is being done to separate the user editable ones from the others, make their names clearer, and make room for additional configuration files in future versions.

When documenting using function lists, entries appearing under headings such as "parameters" and "arguments" will not be treated as functions anymore.

The transparent e-mail obfuscation was improved yet again.

Fixed bugs where prototypes in Pascal and Ada were truncated if they spanned multiple lines, topics using single line comments appearing at the very end of the file could be ignored, and prototypes could be ignored if they spanned multiple lines and used splint-like comments such as /*@out@*/.

Almost all files now use the Unix line break format.  This should fix problems running it on certain Linux distributions, and it shouldn't cause any problems for Windows users.

On the internals front, everything relating to Natural Docs topic keywords has been centralized in  This will allow people to add their own keywords and even topic types much more easily.  You can also control whether custom topic types are indexed from that file.  Also, every function in Natural Docs is now called using the arrow operator, which should make custom modifications a little easier.

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